Alma Libre Bookstore Puerto Morelos, MX

Alma Libre Bookstore in Puerto Morelos, MX

Come enjoy the beautiful beaches of Puerto Morelos, Mexico! Grab a beach chair, a cold umbrella drink, and a great book and head on down to the sandy shores. Ahhh…pure relaxation! What? You finished your book on the airplane? No problem! Alma Libre Bookstore to the rescue!

Alma Libre Bookstore Puerto Morelos, MX

Located on the Puerto Morelos town square, Alma Libre is much more than your typical bookstore. Visitors enjoy an eclectic collection of new and used books, artisan crafts, guides, maps, souvenirs, and gifts.

Alma Libre Bookstore Puerto Morelos, MXAlma Libre Bookstore Puerto Morelos, MX

Initially opened by Jeanine Kitchel, author of Where the Sky is Born, Alma Libre has been a cornerstone in the Puerto Morelos community for over two decades. Longtime owners, Rob and Joanne Birce, recently sold the bookstore to fellow Canadians, Caleb and Nikki Moss.

Alma Libre Bookstore Puerto Morelos, MX

Alma Libre boasts a comprehensive collection of English and Spanish books for all ages. Along with modern and classic Mexican fiction, the quaint bookstore also features Mayan history, cookbooks, Mexico guides, self-help, yoga, and children’s favorites. If Alma Libre doesn’t have just what you are looking for, Moss is happy to add your special order on to his regular purchases.

Alma Libre Bookstore Puerto Morelos, MX

Alma Libre has a unique trade-in credit program. Finished the books you brought from home? Visit the store and trade them for others. If travelers bring a suitcase full of gently used books for a credit, Moss will pay the airline fee for the extra suitcase! The bookstore is always looking to build its inventory and appreciates travelers from across the world that help add to the vast assortment of books lining the shelves.

Alma Libre Bookstore Puerto Morelos, MX

Is there a book you are longing to read? Moss is happy to special order the title and pay the shipping. All you pay is the price of the book….what a deal! If there are certain books that you want to read while on vacation, email Alma Libre and pre-order your books prior to travel. The books will be in the store at your arrival ready for pick-up. How easy is that?

Alma Libre is open seven days a week from 10-6. Check them out on Facebook here or on their website here.

On your next visit to Puerto Morelos, be sure to browse the shelves of Alma Libre Bookstore. Hang around awhile and chat with Caleb and Nikki. You can be guaranteed, there’s a great book or two waiting just for you!

Take a cruise through the store courtesy of Wendell Tenove:

Bookstore photos courtesy of Rob Birce at:  InPuertoMorelos

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