La Sirena Puerto Morelos, MX

La Sirena Happenings – Puerto Morelos, MX

If you are vacationing near the Riviera Maya in the upcoming days, don’t miss out on all the excitement at La Sirena! Located on the north side of the Puerto Morelos town square, La Sirena has a jam-packed weekend planned for your enjoyment.

Tonight, February 23, is Salsa Night! Tren Latino needs no introduction, so come ready to dance! All the excitement begins at 9:00pm.

La Sirena Puerto Morelos, MX

Don’t know how to Salsa? Here is a beginner video so you can practice up!!

Saturday, February 24, is Reggae Night with Nimrod and the Tydal Wave.

La Sirena Puerto Morelos, MX

Check out this short video with a sample of the band’s music:

Always a favorite at La Sirena, Prime Rib Night, is Sunday beginning at 5:30. Reservations are requested.

La Sirena Puerto Morelos, MX

After the electrifying weekend,  join the gang on Monday for Jazz Night with the Riviera Maya Jazz Club.

La Sirena Puerto Morelos, MX

Tuesday is Cocktails and Creations with Joanna Cooke. You’ll love this!

Tren Latino need no introduction, come ready to dance!

Enjoy the fantastic week (and beyond) full of fun and entertainment at La Sirena! Owner, Anthony Chalas, keeps the good times coming for visitors to Puerto Morelos.

Reservations are always welcome. Contact Anthony on Facebook at: La Sirena – Puerto Morelos.

La Sirena Happenings in Puerto Morelos, Mexico – Join the fun!

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