Selvatica Puerto Morelos, MX

Selvatica in Puerto Morelos, MX – A Thrilling Adventure!

Down the Ruta de los Cenotes, nestled in the Mexican jungle, you’ll find one of the most exhilarating adventures in the Riviera Maya – Selvatica!

An experience of a lifetime awaits at this extreme, action-packed park. Honored by Trip Advisor as the number one attraction in the area, Selvatica offers ATV adventures, zip lining over the jungle, and an off-road Polaris thrill. An epic adventure for the entire family, Selvatica has it all!

Selvatica Puerto Morelos, MX

This short clip gives you a glimpse of the fun that awaits at the zipline course:

Things to remember before you zipline:

  1. Be certain you are healthy. Ziplining is not for the weak of heart. A clean bill of health is essential. If you have neck problems, back pain, or high blood pressure, this activity is not for you.
  2. Ziplining is totally safe when done properly. This means the right equipment, knowledgeable staff, and an infallible course. Selvatica’s safety record speaks for itself.
  3. Know your weight in pounds and kilos. Yes, I know…UGH! But, it’s very important that the guides know your exact weight so that the proper equipment is issued to you.
  4. Ziplining is a strenuous activity. Be well-rested and prepared for the extreme adventure. It is ill-advised to come after a night of partying! Come with a sharp mind and rested body.
  5. Flip flops are the recommended footwear at the beach but NOT to zipline! Wear sneakers or other closed-toed shoes.
  6. Wear clothes that are light and comfortable. Leave the jeans at home. Zipline harnesses are tight and will be uncomfortable with snug clothing.
  7. Rent a locker and put EVERYTHING in it! Yes, I know you’ll want your phone for those perfect photos as you soar over the jungle but, chances are, your phone won’t survive the course. Many phones lie on the floor of the jungle. Don’t let the next one be yours!
  8. Eat a light breakfast before you arrive. Cereal or fruit is great. Save the bacon and eggs for the next day.
  9. Pay attention to your guide. He/she has been well-trained and will give you instructions. Listen carefully…the guide’s advice is critical for a safe and fun adventure.

Take the ATV Tour and get the best of both worlds! The Polaris ATVs promise razor-tight turning, shock absorbers hungry for potholes, and lightning fast acceleration! This adrenaline-filled tour also includes the exhilarating zipline circuit – featuring the Cenote Splash, The Glove Control, and the Upside Down zipline.

With over 20+ years of entertaining visitors to the park, Selvatica’s number one priority is safety. Guides have been well-trained, and they are vigilant in enforcing all safety precautions.

Don’t feel comfortable driving the roads in a foreign country? No problem! Selvatica offers round trip transportation from your hotel or private rental home which is included in the cost of your package.  You’ll stay and enjoy the activities for about 4 hours, and then the bus will return you to your rental.

All ATV drivers must show valid identification and be at least 16 years of age. Don’t forget your swim suit, towels, and comfortable clothes. Lockers are available in the souvenir shop for a small fee. Cash or credit cards are accepted. Visit their website for promotions and additional information here.

See what people are saying about their amazing adventure:

Enjoy the laid back beach town of Puerto Morelos. Stroll the beach, laze around the pool, hang out at the beach bar…but be sure to get your adrenaline pumping with a visit to Selvatica. You’ll remember it as one of the highlights of your trip to Puerto Morelos. Enjoy the spectacular experience!

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