Travel Info

PoMo Villas - Puerto Morelos, MX

Making your flight reservations:

As you make your flight reservations, please keep in mind that check-in time is 3:00. If you arrive earlier, we are happy to store your bags until 3:00, but we are not able to check your group in until 3:00. The houses are typically booked back-to-back, and the cleaning staff needs every minute they can get to have the house properly cleaned for your group. If there is an instance where we can get you into the house sooner, we will let you know. But, please plan your flight’s arrival time with our check-in time in mind. Thanks!!


Flying into the Cancun International Airport:

Make sure your passport is current and travel will be at least six months before passport expiration date. Prior to touchdown in Cancun, have your Mexican Immigration and Customs forms completed. Airlines will usually hand these forms out mid-flight. Be sure to pack a pen in your carry-on luggage! Sometimes, though, they are out of forms so you’ll need to get these at the Cancun airport and complete them before you can pass through Immigration. EVERY person needs an Immigration form.

Cross your fingers for a short line in Immigration. I’ve seen absolutely no one in line, and I’ve seen it backed up for HOURS! An Immigration official will stamp your form and return a small portion of the form to you. DO NOT LOSE THIS FORM! It is required to exit the country at departure. Leave it in your passport and lock it in the safe when you arrive at Margarita or Sol.

After Immigration, you’ll collect your bags and pass through Customs. One form per family is required. You’ll press a button and either get a “green” or “red” light. Green lights get to pass through Customs quickly while red lights get their bags searched. Some bags will be examined carefully and others will just get a quick glance…just luck of the draw!

As your exit the airport with your bags, do not stop…keep going until you get out into the open air. You’ll pass by people selling time shares, offering transportation/excursions, etc. Do not stop….just keep walking to get outdoors to your transportation.


Transportation to Casa Margarita and Casa del Sol:

There are several transportation companies that we recommend for your trip to Puerto Morelos.

Canada Transfers:  We have used this company often and have always been very satisfied with their service. We’ve gotten great feedback from previous guests also. If you use this link, it will say in red at the top, “You are booking from Casa del Sol”…Use this link for both houses. Where it asks for name of hotel, begin typing “Private condos…” and “Private Condos/Homes in Puerto Morelos” will be in the drop down menu. Select that. Complete the form and be sure to put either Casa Margarita or Casa del Sol in the destination section. Also add the phone number of our property manager, Roberto, 998-577-3693. If there are any issues, they can call him. We like to use Canada Transfers because they allow you to preorder snacks, soft drinks, cold cerveza, etc. Pay at arrival.

Canada Transfers

USA Transfers:  also comes highly recommended. Use this link and “Casa Margarita” will appear at the top of the page. Prices are similar to Canada Transfers. Both are very reliable, have great drivers, and are reasonably priced.

USA Transfers

If you are renting a car, head to the counter in the airport for instructions.


If you have questions about travel, we can help! Enjoy your journey!