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Traveling to Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Traveling to Puerto Morelos, Mexico – Travel Tips to Ensure a Smooth Start to Your Vacation

Puerto Morelos, Mexico? How do I get there? Into which airport do I fly? What forms do I need to complete? Do I need a passport? Planning a trip abroad can be a daunting task. Look no further! I’m here to make your travel planning to the quaint village of Puerto Morelos effortless. You can thank me later by buying me a frozen margarita at the beach bar!

Puerto Morelos beach bar

Make sure you have a valid passport that is at least six months away from its expiration date. Mexico is one country that strictly enforces the passport six-month validity rule. Mexican officials will deny entry to their country if your passport expires six months prior to your final day of travel. So, make certain that your passport is valid and will clear immigration. The six-month validity passport rule is enforced because Mexico does not want to risk having travelers/tourists overstay their passport expiration date. We all know, once we get south-of-the-border, we don’t ever want to leave! Reminds me of Mark Mulligan’s song, “Just Came Down for the Weekend …Twenty-Five Years Ago!” Sorry, I digress! Just make sure your passport meets the requirements! You don’t want to see this:

expired passport Puerto Morelos

Book your flight. You will be flying into the Cancun International Airport with the country code CUN. There are many direct nonstop flights, as well as those that stop in several cities along the way. Cost and availability depend on the location you are traveling from, the time of year, and the day you choose to fly. Start searching for flights at least three to six months prior to travel date to ensure availability.

Book your transportation from the airport. Do not think you can just walk out and grab a cab when you land, because you can’t. Well, I take that back…you can if you want to pay triple the price! Cabs can take you back to the airport at the conclusion of your vacation in Puerto Morelos..cost is about $25. But a cab to Puerto Morelos from the airport is about $80…..something to do with airport regulations. So make sure you secure your arrangements for transportation before you travel. It’s best to make your reservations about a two weeks to a month prior to travel.

There are some great transportation companies like Canada Transfers or USA Transfers. Hubby and I love Canada Transfers. We make the reservation, tell them what kind of cold cerveza to have in the cooler when they pick us up, and pay for everything at arrival. Can’t get easier than that. Contact Canada Transfers here or USA Transfers here. You will be very happy with either.

expired passport Puerto Morelos

Pack your suitcase! The climate in Puerto Morelos does not vary much from season to season. As you can see in the chart below, May through September tend to be the warmest months. Otherwise, expect temperatures in the mid to high-70’s.

Weather Puerto Morelos

Pack some shorts, tops, bathing suits, and flip-flops. Yep, that about does it! Everything in Puerto Morelos is very casual. Just as the saying goes, “If you aren’t wearing flip-flops, you’re overdressed!” Pack… and then unpack about half of what you packed…you won’t need it!

flip flops in Puerto Morelos


So, it’s travel day! You are heading to the airport. Make sure you have your passport, credit cards, money, and your four items of clothing. Throw in your toiletries and any medications too. One additional thing..be sure you have an ink pen in your carry-on.

Some people go to their banks and exchange dollars to pesos prior to travel. That’s fine, but no need. Dollars are readily accepted as tips at the airport and there is a “cambio,” money exchange booth, in the Puerto Morelos town square. Restaurants and shops accept dollars, but you’ll tend to get more for your money by exchanging dollars and using pesos.

flip flops in Puerto Morelos

When you are an hour or so from landing in Cancun, the flight attendants will hand out two forms, one for immigration and one for customs. Here’s where the ink pen comes in handy. Everyone is scrambling for pens to fill out these forms, so you can probably make a few bucks renting yours out! 🙂

Below is a photo of the Mexican Immigration Form. From elderly to babies, every person needs one of these. Fill out the top and bottom portions. As you exit the plane, the first stop you’ll make is at Immigration. Cross your fingers for a short line. I’ve walked straight up to the counter, and I’ve waited in line for two hours. Good luck! The Immigration official will scan your passport and will tear off the top portion of this form to keep for his records. The official will hand the bottom portion back to you. DO NOT LOSE THIS! Put it inside your passport and store it in a safe place during your trip. It is required to exit the country. If you lose it, there is a $40 charge. Bummer way to end your trip!

Immigration Mexico

Every head of household will fill out the Customs form pictured below:

Customs Puerto Morelos

After you exit Immigration, you’ll collect your baggage and head to Customs.

The Customs Official may ask you a few questions… if you have any cigarettes, liquor, fruit, meat, etc. Then he/she will ask you to press a button. If you’re lucky and get a green, the customs official lets you exit. If you are not so lucky and get a red light, you are asked to move to an area where your bags will be searched. Some bags will be examined carefully and some will just get a quick glance. There is no rhyme or reason to the red light/green light…just luck of the draw!

Customs Mexico

As you leave Customs, you will exit through a sliding glass door. If you are renting a car, the booths are directly ahead. If you are not renting a car, keep walking until you get outside into the open air. There are people selling time shares, excursions, etc. I never even make eye contact…..just keep walking.

Check out this short clip on getting out of the airport after exiting Customs. You can see that there are lots of people vying for your attention…just keep walking.

Once you are outside the airport, you will see your transportation company’s employees at a podium. Go check-in at the podium, and someone will escort you to your transportation van. Very simple! There will be a young man that will take your luggage to the van. A $2-$3 tip is appropriate. Your driver will have you in Puerto Morelos in about 20 minutes. A $7-$10 tip is appropriate for him.

Now…it’s BEACH time!!! Getting to Puerto Morelos is simple if you know the procedures, and now you do! So, come on down and visit the little fishing village – thirty minutes south of Cancun and thirty minutes north of Playa del Carmen.

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Casa Margarita in Puerto Morelos, MX


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