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Welcome to our Website!

Welcome to our new website. It was created out of necessity! We were happily listed on VRBO/HomeAway for almost eight years…..then the walls tumbled down….. In the beginning, the site fit our needs perfectly! People would inquire through the site and then we would take over from there and do business with the potential guests.

Since HomeAway was purchased by ExGREEDia…oops, I  mean Expedia, owners no longer have control over their homes. Owners and guests no longer receive information to phone number, no email, etc. HomeAway is also forcing owners to accept online payments so they can collect fees from the potential guests. They want to control all the funds – even the damage deposits!

We will NOT drink their Kool-Aid, so we  will  no longer be on the site after our subscription expires. What these big OTAs (online travel agencies – HomeAway, VRBO, AirBnb, Trip Advisor, Flip Key, etc) don’t realize is that they would have NO inventory if it weren’t for the homeowners!

Why go through a middle-man when you can rent directly from the owner? I don’t know of anyone that wants to pay huge fees to these companies! There are many hard working owners out there that will take much better care of you than these OTAs! We provide a personal touch that you’d never receive from them!

These companies try hard to make the owners look like scammers so travelers will book through them as a “sense of security.” Travelers are smarter than that!! Yes, do your due diligence and research the owner and accommodations. Look for an owner website by searching the brand name. Look for a Facebook page for the property. Copy and paste a snippet of the description and Google it…Travelers can save A LOT of money by taking an extra few minutes in their search.

I am not the only person that is not happy with how VRBO/HA is treating the owners and travelers. Take a look at some of their reviews:

Site Jabber

Better Business Bureau

Consumer Affairs

So…BYE BYE VRBO/HomeAway! Hello…new website!! Thanks for being here and looking through the site! Hope you’ll love Casa Margarita and Casa del Sol and want to book directly through us… and save up to 15%!

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